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Shipping Container types and sizes

FCL (full container load) Services: FCL services are suited to larger cargoes including motor vehicles.

A FCL service secures the whole container for your use. We can arrange for the container to be delivered to your facilities for loading or loaded at one of our warehouse , the main one being at Oldbury in the West Midland.

Once a full container has been loaded and locked, a seal is placed on the container to ensure its security. This seal is then checked for integrity upon its destination.

Following information details the three most common container types:

The 40 ft (12 m) container is the most popular container worldwide.

Longer container types have become more common, especially in North America.

Shorter containers (e.g. 10 ft (3.0 m) containers) are rare.

The following table shows the weights and dimensions of the three most common types of containers worldwide.

The weights and dimensions quoted below are averages, different manufacturers of the same type of container may vary slightly in actual size and weight.




20-ft, "heavy tested" containers are available for heavy goods (e.g. heavy machinery).

These containers allow a maximum weight of 67,200 lb (30,480 kg), an empty weight of 5,290 lb (2,400 kg), and a net load of 61,910 lb (28,080 kg).



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